Medical Marijuana Legislation

Recent Developments

CaliforniaSB 16201-19-201707-20-2017In HouseProhibits licensees from advertising or selling cannabis or marijuana on the Internet and prohibits them from advertising using branded merchandise, except at industry trade shows or similar events
CaliforniaAB 115902-17-201707-20-2017In SenateProvides exception to attorney-client privilege does not apply to legal services rendered in compliance with state or local laws on medical cannabis or adult use of marijuana
CaliforniaAB 11001-10-201707-20-2017In SenateRequires probable cause to believe that information on identification cards issued pursuant to the medical marijuana program is false or fraudulent to overcome immunity from arrest for possession
MassachusettsHB 381807-17-201707-20-2017To GovernorEnsures the public health and safety of patient, and consumer access to medical and adult use of marijuana in the Commonwealth
MaineLD 1641 (HP 1132)06-21-201707-20-2017Passed SenateAmends the Marijuana Legalization Act with respect to the requirements for retail marijuana testing facilities and the testing of marijuana and marijuana products
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